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From:Olli J. Marttila Date:January 31 2005 10:15pm
Subject:Unable to install MySQL in a computer where traces of an old installation
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I was looking for a database programme that I could use both 
in Windows and in Linux environment, to replace several 
Microsoft Access 97 databases. MySQL looked suitable 
candidate for the purpose.

I downloaded mysql-4.1.9-win32 from this 
night. Trying to install it in my computer I first received 
a message
"Setup has detected a previous version of MySQL server 4.1. 
It will be removed during the installation."
I choose the typical installation, and soon another message 
was displayed:
"The older version of MySql server 4.1 cannot be removed. 
Contact the technical group."
Now, I myself am the "technical group".

However, there is *not* (more) an older version installed. 
In fact, I once wanted to test MySQL, but I uninstalled it 
soon as I had difficulties to get it working. Now I intended 
to give it another try.

Regedit tells me that there indeed are three LEGACY_MYSQL41 
folders in the registries (in 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001, .../ControlSet003, 
and ../CurrentControlSet Folders), that could not be 
removed, not even using RegistryFirstAid programme.

My operating system is WindowsXP Professional, SP2. The 
current computer was installed in August 2004. The computer 
is in private home use, myself having the Administrator 

I would be grateful for every advice how to proceed.

Olli J. Marttila

Unable to install MySQL in a computer where traces of an old installationremainsOlli J. Marttila31 Jan