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From:Lars Thalmann Date:January 26 2005 12:13pm
Subject:Re: Replication tool for Master/Slaves on Win32?
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I'm not aware of any specific tool, but from what you 
write, it seems you can handle it by: 

1. Enable binlogging on all "slaves"
2. Have the "offsite master" connect as slave to one "slave" at 
   the time in a round-robin fashion.  For this you need to 
   write a script.
3. When closing each connection you need to record what the binlog 
   position was so that next connection will resume where the 
   old one left off.

At the same time you could have replicaton from the "offsite master"
to the "slaves" with a restiction on what tables etc should be 
replicated.  Note that care must be taken so that you don't 
replicate same information back-and-forth between a 
"slave"-"offline master" connection.  This can be done by 
ensuring that different slaves are responsible for updating 
different data and each "slave" only receive updates on 
tables it is not "responsible" for.

Best wishes,

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 11:34:03AM -0500, JVC wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am looking for a tool we can buy that will run on Win32 machines (XP
> Pro).  Our architecture requires many MySQL v4x slaves feed back to one
> offsite (TCP connection) master.  That master will then distribute
> selective data to some or all of the slaves.  This also needs to happen
> at a minimum of once a day automatically, however the more often we can
> specify this occurs the better.  In other words, is there a tool
> (something like PeerDirect?) that will handle, behind the scenes
> automatic updates of the master, and then push down to the slaves
> specific databases/tables/fields based on a pre specified user
> configuration?  Perhaps this is something already built into MySQL v4x?
> Thanks in advance all!

Dr. Lars Thalmann
Replication tool for Master/Slaves on Win32?JVC25 Jan
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