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From:Regan Yelcich Date:November 18 2013 1:21am
Subject:old master to slave?
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Can someone explain the process I should go through to bring an "old" master back online
as a "slave" after a successful failover using mysql-master-ha? I'm unsure exactly which
log file and position I should be using to get it all re-syncing again with the new
master? The server will obviously have a lot of the data already onboard, so it just needs
to pick up where it left off when starting to sync from the new master. Would I do a "show
master status" on the NEW master to get the log file name only, and do the same on the OLD
master to get the Position? Or what should I be doing?
old master to slave?Regan Yelcich18 Nov
  • Re: old master to slave?Johan De Meersman18 Nov