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From:Manuel Arostegui Date:October 21 2012 10:51am
Subject:Re: How to sync SLAVE to a production MASTER
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2012/10/20 nik600 <nik600@stripped>

> Dear all
> i'm planning the configuration of a replication environment on a mysql
> master with more of 300 database and about 50 GB of data, the master
> is a production server and can't be stopped or write-locked for a long
> time (more than 5 minutes is a logn time in this case)
> The database contains both MyISAM and InnoDB tables.
> I've read that the LOAD-DATA-FROM-MASTER command is deprecated and not
> suggested
> But
> - i can't run a mysqldump on the production server as it  takes about
> 3 hours and during that time there will be write operation on it.
> - i can't write lock tables as it will require a stop time of many hours
> - i can't use the load-data-from-master as it doesn't support InnoDB
> What happend if i force the SLAVE to re-process some bin-file already
> processed?
> I mean:
> - take note of the current binlog on the server (example:
> mysql-bin.004409 position x)
> - make the mysqldump on master
> - import the dump on slave
> - force the slave to restart from  (example: mysql-bin.004409 position x)
> Can i do that?
> Or is there another solution?

You can either:

mysqldump -u -p DB --single-transaction --master-data=2 > foo..sql

--master-data=2 will include the binlog file and position in the mysqldump

Or even better, you can use xtrabackup from the master. Then start
replication from the binlog and position etc.


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