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From:styr Date:September 4 2012 3:16pm
Subject:Export heartbeat configuration with MySQL replication
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Hi MySQL users,

For moniroting purposes, I did a test of MySQL replication + some other services
configured on high availability with heartbeat/pacemaker on 2 VMs. Now I have to write the
documentation for other people to be able to install the system from scratch.

So I thought : I will export the configuration from heartbeat with crm configure save,
change nodenames, IP addresses and it'll be alright.

But I've just figured that the MySQL replication informations are in the configuration (
file and position ). So I can't put it like that in the documentation.

In the file, the replication informations are displayed like that : 
property $id="mysql_replication" \
	test_REPL_INFO="slave_node||" \
	default_REPL_INFO="master_node||" \
	ha_mysql_REPL_INFO="master_node|mysqld-bin.000088|106" \
	replication_info="<master IP address>|mysqld-bin.000701|106"

Here, since it's from scratch, what should I put in it? The database will be empty when

Export heartbeat configuration with MySQL replicationstyr4 Sep