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From:ron ramos Date:August 15 2012 5:50pm
Subject:MySQL on XFS
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Hi All,

I am testing XFS on mysql  as i have been reading stuff that says XFS
performs faster.
I created a extra slave and created a XFS volume and mount it on the
mysql dir slave was running fine until
i noticed that the lag increase, and when i check, one query got stucked:

3       system user             my_db Connect 9661    updating
DELETE FROM blah blah

this did not happen to my other slave which is running on ext3. any
idea on which area i need to look first?
i can't see anything on the logs for XFS errors, i have formatted my
XFS with optimized option i red on the net
and also optimized mounting options. but not sure why this is happening.

By the way, xtrabackup is running on this slave as well, i'm not sure
if that has something to do with it.

Any help will be truly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

MySQL on XFSron ramos15 Aug