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From:Rick James Date:July 16 2012 10:28pm
Subject:RE: mysql tmpdir
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I dislike manual allocation of files to volumes.  The usual result is that you run out of
space on one volume while having lots of space on other volumes.

Usually performance is better if you have a single filesystem that is striped across
multiple drives.

If reliability is a concern, then consider RAID-5.  And a RAID controller with BBWC
(Battery-Backed Write Cache).

Keep in mind that a single query cannot really use multiple drives at once -- it will read
(or write) things one at a time.  This means that multiple drives do not improve
single-threaded applications (such as Replication).

Multiple drives do help for 'delayed writes' -- Both MyISAM and InnoDB have some flavor of

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> Subject: mysql tmpdir
> Hi All,
> i am planning on allocating a separate volume for tmpdir on my
> slave(and most probably master), the volume will be setup as a software
> RAID 0.for write performance increase i noticed i cant just simply
> change it during runtime, is there a way to update without mysq
> restart?
> also, since i will be usig RAID 0, if 1 disk fails my tmpdir will be
> broken, is that gonna cause mysql to fail, and again the need to
> restart mysql. thank you in advanced.
> Regards
> Ron
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