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From:Rick James Date:July 16 2012 6:30pm
Subject:RE: Unix command after slave sync
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Replication can easily handle 1000 updates/sec.  Would you want to slow that down by an arbitrary amount by launching another process?  No.  The OS would probably croak.

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> Subject: Re: Unix command after slave sync
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> > Hi,
> > I would run a unix command at the end of each synchronization (on the
> > PC with mysql server in slave mode).
> > I checked the options to be included in my.cnf and I have not found
> > anything... Is there a way to do it?
> There is no such thing as "after the sync" - replication is continuous.
> If you want batched syncs, you'll have to organize your own log
> shipping and execution; and then you can incorporate other stuff in
> there as well.
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