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From:Johan De Meersman Date:May 14 2012 1:39pm
Subject:Re: Replication and foreign key constraints
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> From: "Nitin Mehta" <ntnmht@stripped>
> I'm facing a problem with MySQL replication. I want to replicate a
> set of tables from master to this server where some processing needs
> to be done. These tables are from multiple schemas. I thought I'd
> set "foreign_key_checks = 0" and this should take care of the
> problem. However, this only worked for database import but
> replication is still failing with "Error 1451: foreign key error".

Well, foreign_key_checks is pretty much a session variable - I don't know if it's even
possible to set globally.

You might get better results if you altered your replicated tables to remove the foreign
key constraints from them entirely.

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