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From:Rick James Date:April 6 2012 12:41am
Subject:Re: MySQL Replication
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Slaves are useful for scaling reads.

Master-Master, with one of them writable, is the best config for quickly 
failing over if one machine dies.
Any number of Slaves can be hung off them; it is best to split the 
slaves evenly.

Master-Relay-Slave -- the middle guy is a "single point of failure", 
hence not advisable

Circular Replication (3+ machines replicating in one direction) is not 
advised -- if one dies, you have a mess.

Writing to two masters (Dual or Circular) does not give you write 
scaling -- all writes have to be performed by all servers.  That is, you 
cannot scale writes by any Replication configuration.

On 4/5/12 5:15 PM, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
> Hi,
> Any documentation regarding setting up MySQL Replication. I have been
> referring to and
> also what are the typical scenarios to be setup viz Master Master Slave or
> Master Slave or Master Slave Slave. Help me understand the pros and cons of
> this various combinations.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Kaushal

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