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From:Johan De Meersman Date:February 21 2012 6:47am
Subject:Re: Circular Replication & GRANTs
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> From: "Jason J. W. Williams" <jasonjwwilliams@stripped>
> Because when the grants are applied and followed by FLUSH PRIVILEGES,
> the apps using those credentials temporarily complain that they
> aren't authorized to log into MySQL.

They shouldn't, afaik, unless you precede your grants with a revoke statement. You don't
need to issue flush privileges if you use grant statements, but a flush privileges will
only flush the in-memory cache, connections will still be authenticated from the privilege

Assuming you don't habitually revoke privileges before granting, I would think there's
something else going on.

> We do have log-slave-updates on (this was a 3 tier chain A->B->C,
> with C being changed to B's reciprocal master). We'd prefer to leave

Wait, so you have A -> B <-> C ? How the hell did you do that? You can't slave a
server to two masters :-)

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Re: Circular Replication & GRANTsJohan De Meersman21 Feb