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From:Johan De Meersman Date:November 17 2011 7:33am
Subject:Re: Slave got " 'Invalid error code' (126)"
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> From: "Database System" <database100@stripped>
> [Error] Slave: Query caused differnt errors on master and slave.
> Error on master: 'Invalid error code' (126), Error on slave: 'no
> error' (0)

Exactly what it says: a query yielded different results on the master and the slave. As
your databases are supposed to be identical, that is seen as a critical error and
replication is halted.

First of all, is this a normal replication setup? No variations in engines, no excluded
tables, et cetera ?

Use the Maatkit tools (mk-table-checksum --count <masterhost> <slavehost> |
mk-checksum-filter) to verify if there are no differences in data between the master and
the slave. It's very likely that you'll find some, or the replication would have kept

One of the likely causes (barring unusual replication setup) for differing data, is
nondeterministic queries, like "insert into table1 select * from table2 limit 10": because
there is no order by in the select, it is possible for the select to return a different
set of records on the master and the slave. There's plenty more examples like that.

Another possibility, of course, is someone messing about in the slave's data :-)

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