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From:ANIL YADAV Date:October 28 2011 3:01pm
Subject:Re: Temporary table issue (with replication)
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Hi David

I am using MySQL 5.1

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 7:52 PM, David Lerer <DLerer@stripped>wrote:

> Anil, what MySQL version do you use?     David.
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> From: David Lerer
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> Subject: RE: Temporary table issue (with replication)
> I was under the impression that this was considered a bug in earlier
> versions (pre 5.1) and it has been addressed.  It is really a serious
> replication problem if it still occurs.
> David.
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> From: Johan De Meersman [mailto:vegivamp@stripped]
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> > From: "ANIL YADAV" <uranil@stripped>
> > Is there no way to deal the situation ? As change is application Will
> > take a long time..
> I would assume that restarting your application would recreate the table on
> the master, and thus also on the slave.
> If that's not an option, but you're sure that there's only on connection
> from your application you could manually create the table on the slave, thus
> allowing replication to continue. That will not interfere with application
> startup, as a create temporary table statement naming an existing table will
> actually succeed and temporarily hide the permanent table of the same name;
> but you do need to make sure your application does not rely on the
> connection-specific nature of temporary tables, as all connections will see
> the same table, and that could cause wrong data to be used (two sessions
> writing private data into the same tabie...)
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