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From:Shawn Green (MySQL) Date:January 13 2011 2:44am
Subject:Re: multimaster log bin files
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On 1/11/2011 15:49, maillists0@stripped wrote:
> Hope this has a simple answer. Any help will be appreciated. When
> setting up multimaster replication between two machines, how do I make
> sure that the current log bin file always has the same name on both
> machines?

A) one slave cannot replicate from two different masters without a lot 
of external engineering. This is not a native feature of MySQL.

B) If you meant circular replication (where A replicates to B which 
replicates back to A), then there are many things you need to take care 
of in order to operate smoothly. None of those things involve binary log 
name coordination.

c) If you meant circular replication where both servers are receiving 
updates, then that is even more difficult to engineer properly and 
maintain smooth operation. There is absolutely no coordination between 
the two instances that will eliminate the possibility that the same row 
may be changed by separate connections in both places at nearly the same 

The technical challenges of circular replication are also mentioned 
prominently in the fine manual:

Shawn Green
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