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From:carlos junior Date:December 7 2010 1:18pm
Subject:Load balancing with MySQL Proxy
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Hi all,

I'm trying to implement a small-scale MySQL Proxy using load balancing between a single
master and slave. I want to conduct a simple experiment where a workload generator sends
requests to the MySQL Proxy, that redirects the requests to the Master (in case of writes)
and to the Slave (in case of reads).

I have already configured Master and Slave according to chapter 16 - Replication (MySQL
5.0 Reference Manual). I start master and slave and, after that, I call MySQL Proxy using
the command:

./mysql-proxy  --proxy-backend-addresses=
--proxy-lua-script=./share/doc/mysql-proxy/rw-splitting.lua --admin-username=root
--admin-password=password --admin-lua-script=./lib/mysql-proxy/lua/admin.lua

Where the first IP is my master and the second my slave. It returns no error message. The
problem is that requests are not redirected to the slave. The master is handling all
requests. Is there any error on the way I call the MySQL Proxy? Any idea?

Thanks, Carlos

Load balancing with MySQL Proxy carlos junior7 Dec
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