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From:Mike Griffin Date:October 27 2010 8:40pm
Subject:Re: rbr and reloaded slave (from mysqldump) ?
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You can load a mysqldump on the slave with a row based logging master as you would a
statement based logging master. Since row logs can be large you should consider a relay
log limit on the slave. 

You can export ibd files if using xtradb engine with xtrabackup but other cases are

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Subject: rbr and reloaded slave (from mysqldump) ?

* 250GB table - PARTITIONed InnoDB; file_per_table
* RBR used
* Slave is hosed
* Sane ways of repairing the slave has been ruled out (it's a long story).

Plan A:  Reload PARTITIONs by copying .ibd files. -- Rumor has it that 
this will fail due to tablespace number (or something) being buried in 
each .ibd.  Such would make file copies of .ibd from a different machine 
not work.
Question 1:  Is this rumor true?

Plan B:  We have a mysqldump and could reload.  But, will RBR be 
confused by the InnoDB blocks being slightly different after this load.
Question 2:  What is the low level info in a RBR item?  Does it include 
a 'block number', which would probably be invalid after the reload?  Or 
does it contain something like the PK, which should be impervious?


Rick James - MySQL Geek

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rbr and reloaded slave (from mysqldump) ?Rick James27 Oct
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