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From:Johan De Meersman Date:October 6 2010 10:03am
Subject:Bah, probably bug.
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I've already found bug #37454 <> but
apparently it's not considered a bug as described there. To me it damn well
seems like one.

Here's how to replicate:

   1. CREATE USER on master -- user gets created on both sides
   2. apply same create user statement on master again -- master reports
   error; slave replication fails on the statement.

Now, I might be mistaken here, but aren't failing statements supposed to not
end up in the binlog ? This is on 5.0.51a-24+lenny4-log. Can anyone confirm
this behaviour, or tell me if they know in which release it's been fixed ?

I usually don't bother with create user - I trust the first GRANT to manage
things. A colleague killed replication several times in the last few days
doing this, however.

Full step-by-step on

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Bah, probably bug.Johan De Meersman6 Oct