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From:Mark Rogers Date:June 7 2010 1:24pm
Subject:Replication between one master and multiple slaves
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Shared server (over which I have control), running about 30 databases 
(for 30 websites). I would like to replicate (say) 5 of those databases 
to their (separate) client's premises.

Which is the best way to do this? Host server is a Ubuntu. Actually it's 
a virtual server with 512MB RAM, which is easily adequate for it's 
current load.

Obviously, if I dump all the 5 databases to a binlog then replicate from 
there, each of the 5 clients will see all of the data for all 5 
databases, which is a bandwidth and security issue. I know that there 
are two standard options to avoid this: run those 5 databases in 5 
separate database server instances, or run 5 additional instances using 
Blackhole databases which generate their own binlogs. Doing this with a 
stock Ubuntu (Debian) install doesn't seem particularly straightforward 
and I've not seen any documentation for doing this (other than by doing 
a fresh install from source), which is not practical on an existing 
server (and in any case I would like to stick with packages from the 
repositories that are easy to keep up to date). Also, I have concerns 
about creating extra instances from a memory point of view (or is this 
not a significant issue)?

Other options include writing something that can interpret the binlog 
and split it into separate binlog files for separate databases (would 
this be hard?)

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