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From:Marcus Bointon Date:June 3 2010 12:38pm
Subject:Re: Bug on master to master rep?
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On 3 Jun 2010, at 14:21, Database System wrote:

> master to master replication replicated its own queries (replicated to another server
> and replicated back)? Although both two servers has own server id. For example, master A
> reads binlog on master B, and executed, got duplicate key error. master B reads binlog
> from master A, and got duplicate key error. (these two queries are different). The
> condition is, On master B, there are no application setup to access database, it only
> replicates from master A. No updates on server B.

Make sure you have this set in your my.cnf:


This stops replication loops.

It's also a good idea to set read-only on your slave. mmm does this for you.

You're running quite an old version of MySQL there.

Anil said:

> If there is no update on  Master B Then U can use Master-->> Slave
> replication ,why are you using Master--->> Master replication.?

Because writing to both masters in a master-master config is generally a bad idea. Like
Johan said, master-master replication is for redundancy and failover, not scalability.

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