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From:Tyler Poland Date:January 29 2010 1:15pm
Subject:Re: Send binlogs immediately?
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It probably isn't the transfer of the binary logs that is causing the 
problem.  Most likely you are running some statement that is 
non-deterministic (returns a different result on the replica then it 
does on the master).  Some examples of this type of statement include 
the following:
insert into [table] select ... (no order by)
update [table] set ... where ... (no order by) limit X
delete from [table] where ... (no order by) limit X

It can be a pain to find the cause but your best bet is to examine your 
binary logs using mysqlbinlog.  I usually start by searching for all the 
rows that change the table and then look for one of the patterns above.

If you haven't already you might take a look at the Maatkit tools for 
getting your database back into sync

Good Luck,

On 1/29/10 3:23 AM, Alper Oguz wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any way to send all binlogs to the slave with a command? I 
> need this, because I'm using two servers with Heartbeat and if I up to 
> second server (IP alias, Apache, Tomcat etc.), I find some missing 
> rows on the slave and this giving error (duplicate) on auto increment 
> columns. Also it's produce a data inconsistency of course...
> If I can send the all binlogs on master before running the java app. 
> server on the slave, it'll be great.
> thank you

*Tyler Poland*

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