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From:Song Voong Date:December 10 2009 7:35pm
Subject:best practice - restore slave
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Configuration Master - slave replication
Can someone outline what is the best practice to restore a slave
replication. Here is what I'm doing to restore a slave replication. Don't
know if this is a good procedure.

While master is running I'm executing the following command to get the dump
with the log.

mysqldump --all-databases --quick --routines --master-data=1 -uroot >

After that is finish dumping. I import it back to the slave and replication
start kicking in again.

My question is while the master is running is it a good ideas to do the
dump? Or do I need to stop all activities on master to do the dump?

Please advise..

best practice - restore slaveSong Voong10 Dec
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