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From:Chris Kantarjiev Date:September 29 2009 1:29pm
Subject:Re: move master?
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Marcus Bointon wrote:
> On 28 Sep 2009, at 20:33, Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
>> Hmm. I guess I need a little more detail than this. "circular" 
>> replication means master-master? OK, but how do I move the slave when 
>> all the logname information is different?
> You've told us that t is a slave to a, so t already contains everything 
> that's on a, so all you need to do is point all your clients at t, and 
> 'stop slave' on t. No data needs to be moved (unless you have 
> non-replicated stuff you've not told us about). Now you can replace a 
> with your new box (call it 'b'), load it up with a dump form t, set it 
> up as a slave to t (so now b<-t->k). Circular is master-master, so close 
> the loop on that config so then you have: b<->t->k (this is particularly 
> easy if no writes are going to b). At this point you can switch clients 
> to b, and break replication from t to b, leaving you with b->t->k, which 
> is where you were originally with a.

Oh, I see. But in that case, why not just set up 'b' as slave to 'a', get it (and 't')
caught up, 
and then stop a, stop the slave on b, and CHANGE MASTER on t?

> It doesn't matter what you have called your log files - you tell the 
> slave the log file name when you're setting it up with CHANGE MASTER. 
> You don't need to copy log files around to set up a new slave.

Right. I hadn't read that carefully before - thanks.
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