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From:Chris Kantarjiev Date:September 28 2009 4:58pm
Subject:move master?
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I've been running a small replication setup for a while; I have three
machines at the moment

	a -> t -> k

a is running 4.1.20, t and k are running 5.1.34. 

It's time to move the master to a larger machine, and I'd like to
have the master run 5.1.x as well. Is there a clean way to do
this without a huge amount of downtime?

The best strategy I've come up with so far is to physically move one
of the disks from a's RAID1 set to the new master and copy the files 
off, convert from 4 to 5, and restart. That's doable, but involves
a moderate amount of downtime.

What I'd *like* to do is add the new machine as a slave, replicate and
convert, and once it's all sync'd up, change t to point to the new
machine as master. I'm not sure I can get away with that, since the
log naming scheme will be different.

I could, of course, manipulate t's replication configuration files.
That seems fraught with danger.

Any bright ideas or tools I've missed?

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