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From:Erwan Ben Souiden Date:August 3 2009 12:32pm
Subject:Replication : error 1242
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Hi there,

I need a precision about what the master write in its own binlog :
according to the official mysql documentation,  I understand that
every sucessful queries will be reported to the binlog (then these
queries could be executed on the slaves).
Basically I have a query which generates a 1242 error on my slave but
I got exactly the same error on my master !
The request looks like : UPDATE A1 SET plop='A' WHERE plip = (select
plip_o from A2 where name = 'foobar');
And the subquery returns more than one result (on the master and on
the slave), this is why I got an error. Now I correct the query (just
replace a "=" by "in"), but I don't understand why this query has been
reported to the binlog.

I can use a "gruik" method with using the "slave-skip-errors" option
but I would like to understand, why I got this error on my slave if I
already got on my master.

more info :
mysql slave version : 5.0.32
mysql master version : 5.0.32

Any clue will be greatly appreciated
Excuse my poor english level :)

Replication : error 1242Erwan Ben Souiden3 Aug
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