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From:Tomasz Chmielewski Date:July 28 2009 9:35pm
Subject:Re: master-master replication broken (conflicts) - what now?
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Joe Hammerman wrote:
> Here is the documentation I wrote regarding the process for my company. In your case,
> I would STOP SLAVE on both servers to insure that you don't affect the primary Master
> while you are restoring the secondary.
> Do you have the filesystems which host the datadir running on Logical Volumes? If
> not, you'll have to run mysqldump, and the outage duration will be increased. Also
> remember that when you install all the databases from the primary master to the secondary
> master, you won't have the replication user the primary master uses as a user on the
> secondary db.... if that makes any sense? I would also insure that you do not have the log
> slave updates flag enabled, that you have different server id's configured, and the that
> auto-increment-offset values differ between the masters.
> Here is a brief overview of the process:
> -Lock tables on Master 1
> -Record log & log pos from master
> -Create an LVM snapshot of the datadir partition
> -Transfer the database files to Master 2

I'm a bit worried that after I start Master 2 and lock tables on it, 
replication will start and possibly, break (as it is configured in my.cnf):

> -Bring up Master 2 as a slave
> -Lock tables on Master 2

Or, am I mistaken?

Tomasz Chmielewski
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