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From:Michael R Kirkpatrick Date:July 15 2009 3:46pm
Subject:Re: specify time to purge binary logs at command line
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End goal: rotate binary logs automatically with a script.   
Environment: Linux MySQL 5.0.45 master-master replication cluster
I have modified a shell script to check the status of slaves IO thread
running (Yes or No). If the status of replication is OK then the script
tells the master to PURGE_BINARY_LOGS BEFORE *date*. I'm confident from
the history of my replication that one week is enough time for any
slaves to replay logs and catch up to where the master is. I'm having
trouble with the syntax in the script: I want to tell MySQL to purge
logs before *today minus 7*
This script successfully emails me a correctly formatted message but the
command-line mysql statement is returning the wrong format for date. Can
anyone assist with formatting this statement to pass via command line
the command to MySQL: PURGE_BINARY_LOGS BEFORE "one week before today" ;
Too new to shell scripting to get it so far ...
Part of script that I want to handle this:
if [ $status = 0 ]; then
 mysql -uroot --password=mypassword test -e "PURGE_BINARY_LOGS BEFORE
 purge=$purge"date: `date`\n"
 echo -e $purge >>purge.txt
 for j in $email; do
  mail -s "$repl_stat MySQL Replication logs purged " $j < purge.txt
Thanks for any tips!
Michael Kirkpatrick
Systems Administrator
MicroElectronics, Inc.

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