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From:Krishna Chandra Prajapati Date:October 17 2008 6:56am
Subject:Replication Setup
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Hi List,

Below is a sample structure of replication.

slave/master                                       slave
                      A ----------------------------> B
------------------------------------> C
db1                                                  db1

db2                                                  db2

db3                                                  db3

   1. In the above setup server B is both master and slave.
   2. On server B i have used log_slave_updates and replicate_do_db = db1

Question   Do i need to use binlog_do_db = db1 db2 db3 on server B to
replicate the data to server C or automatically all the data will be
replicated to server C. On server C do i need to use replicate_do_db = db1
db2 db3 in order to replicate or automatically replicate.

Krishna Chandra Prajapati
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