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From:Jesse Date:October 1 2008 2:14am
Subject:Re: Replication Stopping (foreign key issue)
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> I've been looking at maatkit, but I find that the documentation is  very 
> hard to fathom - lots of specification with no real examples or 
> scenarios, like the all too common foreign key clash. I find I have no 
> choice but to do a complete rebuild of the DB whenever I get one, but 
> unfortunately it takes 29 hours to import the database from scratch, 
> during which time I have no replicated backup... I fail to see how a 
> slave could end up with content not on the master, and thus cause the 
> clash - if there are no writes to the slave and the replication is  only 
> of committed transactions from the master, where can the clash  possibly 
> come from? I can understand that some kind of deadlock  occurring on the 
> slave could result in data being missing from the  slave (though again, I 
> find that unlikely - with a single thread doing  the updating, what is 
> there to deadlock with?), but that would never  cause a key clash - only 
> additional data not on the master could cause  that.

EXACTLY!  In my particular case, there is data on the master that isn't on 
the slave, and that's what caused the foreign key issue.  It tried to add 
the child record with no parent record present on the slave.  How did that 
happen?  I have no idea!


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