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From:Marcus Bointon Date:September 30 2008 9:59pm
Subject:Re: Replication Stopping (foreign key issue)
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On 30 Sep 2008, at 21:21, Simon J Mudd wrote:

> maatkit has some
> tools to do this as often it's quite hard on a busy system where the
> data is changing while you're trying to check for differences.

I've been looking at maatkit, but I find that the documentation is  
very hard to fathom - lots of specification with no real examples or  
scenarios, like the all too common foreign key clash. I find I have no  
choice but to do a complete rebuild of the DB whenever I get one, but  
unfortunately it takes 29 hours to import the database from scratch,  
during which time I have no replicated backup... I fail to see how a  
slave could end up with content not on the master, and thus cause the  
clash - if there are no writes to the slave and the replication is  
only of committed transactions from the master, where can the clash  
possibly come from? I can understand that some kind of deadlock  
occurring on the slave could result in data being missing from the  
slave (though again, I find that unlikely - with a single thread doing  
the updating, what is there to deadlock with?), but that would never  
cause a key clash - only additional data not on the master could cause  

Has anyone tried Continuent's Tungsten Replicator? It's intended to  
completely replace mysql's replication, and has maatkit-inspired  
features built-in.

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