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From:Rick James Date:September 8 2008 5:33pm
Subject:RE: mysql Replication is too slow
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It may not be solvable.  Some issues to consider:

* Slave hardware should be at least as powerful as master.
* Slave executes the replication stream single-threaded, unlike the master.
* Row-based-replication may help
* When there are long-running queries Seconds_Behind_Master lies, but you say it is
consistently > 300 sec?
* Check settings of key_buffer_size, innodb_buffer_pool_size and RAM.  (Show us the values
on master and slave, we will critique)
* If possible "batch" INSERTs; this will speed things up greatly.  INSERT ... (a,b) VALUES
(1,2), (22,33), ...; 

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> Subject: mysql Replication is too slow
> Hi All:
> The Mysql version is 5.1, I have one master DB and four slave DB. Only
> replicate one DB. But when I run "show slave status\G", the
> "Seconds_Behind_Master " always lagerer than 300. I don't 
> know how to repair
> this problem.
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