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From:Jeremy Zawodny Date:August 28 2008 3:18pm
Subject:Re: Thoughts on MySQL replication
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You're right about the two bits.  And the idea of a replication proxy has
been floating around for years now.  But so far I've not seen anyone build


On 8/28/08, Simon J Mudd <sjmudd@stripped> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been using MySQL replication for some time but come from a
> replication background using Sybase.
> MySQL replication works very well is quick and simple to configure but
> has some limitations, notably that you can't configure a MySQL server
> as a slave of  multiple masters.
> One of the things which struck me is that AFAICS the MySQL replication
> code has 2 major parts:
> 1. a part which connects to the master and pulls the binlog information
>    to the local server, storing it in the relay-logs.
> 2. a part which applies the relay logs talking to the database as if it
>    were a SQL client.
> The description may not be exactly right but I think it's close.
> Now if this MySQL code were put into an external program you could
> configure 1 or more replication servers and solve many of the
> limitations of the current code. You also simplify the MySQL server
> as it's replication knowledge is reduced, and potentially can improve
> replication behaviour (upgrades in the replication processes) without
> affecting the MySQL server itself.
> Would it be perhaps worthwhile doing something like this to allow for more
> sophisticated replication configurations in larger mysql installations?
> Just wonder what people think about this idea.
> Regards,
> Simon
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