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From:Rick James Date:August 12 2008 5:07pm
Subject:RE: changes in slave db layout
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"extend the structure" -- 

If you mean extra databases and/or tables, either should work.

If you mean extra/diff indexes, either(?) should work.  [My previous
email was fishing for this answer.]

If you mean diff "engine" (MyISAM vs InnoDB), probably only
statement-based-repl will work.  And there may be caveats with
foreign-key-constraints, etc.

If you mean extra columns, only statement-based-repl will work.

If you mean missing/changed columns, good luck.

Rick James
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> Subject: Re: changes in slave db layout
> Hi Fellows,
> I just wanted to explain my initial question again: we are in the  
> planing phase of a large database project, where two copies of the  
> content are to be hosted in 2 different countries. One of the 
> location  
> will act as a master, since this is where the data will be supplied,  
> while the other location is supposed to run a mirrored data-set. As  
> the research purpose is to extend the structure of the second  
> database, the question is to which extend "replication" of 
> mysql could  
> be used for the mirroring?
> Thx again for any suggestions!
> Michael
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