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From:Jesse Date:July 15 2008 11:37am
Subject:Re: Questions about replication
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> In general -- I see dozens of master + slaves here with innodb and
> autoincrements; "never" a problem.

That is GREAT to hear

> ** What is the symptom?

It's been a few months since I attempted this.  I got fed up with it.  As I 
recall, I would take a snap-shot, restored the data on the slave, and 
started replication.  I would check it ever so often with SHOW SLAVE STATUS 
and suddenly, it would say "No" for the "SQL Running" option (I think it 
was).  I would simply get a mesasge like "Slave SQL thread exiting, 
replication stopped in log 'mysql-bin.000007' at position 195"  That was it. 
I was not able to find out why it stopped.

> ** Are you sure the data in slave is same as in master?

That is kind of what I suspect.  I didn't shut down the web site, and I 
suspect that while I was trying to take the snap shot that someone got in 
and changed a recod.  I plan on shutting down the web server portion this 
weekend to ensure that no one can get in and making sure that the data is an 
exact copy before I begin.

>> 1. MOST of the databases that I have are using the InnoDB
>> storage engine. Is that a problem?
> No problem.

Great, I like the InnoDB, mostly for it's Foreign Key and Trigger capability

>> 2. I have a lot of foreign keys defined in these tables. Is
>> that a problem?
>No problem.

Great again.

>> 3. I have triggers in a lot of tables, mostly for updating
>> add (or update)  date/time fields is that a problem?
>Don't know.

Huuum. Then, this one concerns me.  Maybe someone else will chime in on this 

>> 3. I use AutoIncrement A LOT for a unique ID for each record
>> (a common
>> practice from what I understand).
>No problem if writing to only one master.  Do you have a multi-master

When you say "master" are you referring to the replication relationship, or 
are you referring to the table relationship?  regarding replication, right 
now, I have only one master server, and one slave server.  Regarding tables, 
I do have some tables that related to what you would call two master tables, 
I suppose, but, of course, they all have unique ID fields?

>Do you really need row-based?  All my experience is with stmt-based.

My experience with non-row-based-replaction hasn't been so sweet at this 
point, being that replication stops without a very good explanation (at 
least, not one that I can find).

Thanks for your help, you've helped some of my concerns.


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