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From:Rick James Date:May 16 2008 7:00pm
Subject:RE: Slave Server
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1. have one (or more) slave readonly and don't give the developer the
root pwd.
2. have another slave for him to play with.
3. when you need to clean up his mess, stop the readonly slave, take a
dump, copy to playpen, start up both.

Rick James
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> Subject: Slave Server
> Hi There,
> I am setting up a replication with one master and one  slave.
> I have created two databases in Master Server and it gets 
> replicated to
> the slave. When developer do changes on the slave database, 
> It will not
> be sync with the Master server. My requirement is when ever 
> developer do
> changes in the slave database. I need to revert backup to the Master
> server. How this is possible. Thanks in Advance
> Thanks and Regards, 
> DD
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