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From:Dhandapani Shanmugam Date:May 16 2008 8:01am
Subject:RE: Slave Server
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Ok..But if I do any changes on slave databases for testing it will
affect Master server also right...I don't want that to happen.. After my
testing on the slave database I need to revert back the databases as of

Thanks and Regards, 

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Subject: RE: Slave Server

You can try circular replication between server. So each server will act
as both Master and Slave.


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No Anand..My question is ..If the developer do any changes on the slave
server, it will not get reflected to the Master server right? So there
will be data inconsistency. My requirement is When the developer do any
testing on slave databases. I need to revert back as of Master server
data...In order to have consistence of data. How can i do with that


Thanks and Regards,
Dhandapani S
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	Hi Shanmugam,
	Your question quite confusing.
	Do you mean to say, if any changes happen to slave it should get
refeleted in the master, if yes, then u can setup two masters which are
slave to each other. 
	On 5/16/08, Shanmugam, Dhandapani <dhandapani.shanmugam@stripped>

		Hi There,
		I am setting up a replication with one master and one
		I have created two databases in Master Server and it
gets replicated to
		the slave. When developer do changes on the slave
database, It will not
		be sync with the Master server. My requirement is when
ever developer do
		changes in the slave database. I need to revert backup
to the Master
		server. How this is possible. Thanks in Advance
		Thanks and Regards,

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