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From:Ed W Date:February 26 2008 9:01am
Subject:Re: Stopping replication
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Marcus Bointon wrote:
> I have a circular replication setup that I want to stop, leaving just 
> one master. The (irreparably out of sync) second master has been 
> stopped for a while, and I want to abandon all changes that are 
> pending for it, wipe any pending logs, remove its databases prior to 
> rebuilding it. How do I safely deactivate secondary master references 
> on the primary? On the primary master I can do "stop slave", but I 
> want to make sure that it won't attempt to reconnect to the secondary 
> master if I restart it and won't execute functions from the secondary 
> that are part of the cleanup process (which could be fatal to the real 
> DB).

This is a bit late, but I have had a lot of success using Maatkit from

The basic idea is that you keep replication going at all costs, detect 
it going out of sync using his rather clever table-checksum routines, 
then carefully resync the servers using his rather clever resync 
routines.  By using "replace into" the point is that you can create a 
transaction which will replicate out and fix your servers and bring them 
back into sync again.

Works very well for me.  The use of replication to do the checksums is 
completely inspired also!  Works fine for multi-master replication as well

Good luck

Ed W
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