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From:Marcus Bointon Date:December 20 2007 9:49am
Subject:Re: load balanced config
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On 20 Dec 2007, at 08:39, Nicola Delbono wrote:

> By load balancing I mean just directing requests to 2 or more servers
> (read/write)
> keeping all of them updated (if possible in reality)

Normal replication in MySQL does not allow you to implement load  
balancing for writes. That said, there are two ways you can achieve  
it: by using partitioning, either manually in your clients, in the  
database server using MySQL 5.1, or by using Sequoia between client  
and servers.

Replication will allow you to gain redundancy, but since every server  
has to do every write, you gain nothing from a load point of view.

You might find that implementing a caching layer using something like  
memcache brings better results than using load balanced DBs - doubling  
your number of DB servers can give you a theoretical maximum of a 2x  
speed increase (which you're unlikely to get), whereas caching alone  
could get you 200x on the queries that matter.

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