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From:Jan Bruvoll Date:November 23 2007 10:12am
Subject:Re: replication on Linux broken after db restore
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Depends how you make that dump. If you follow the description below and 
lock the tables, and then try and make a dump with mysqldup, nothing 
much will happen since mysqldump won't get access to the tables. My 
quick-and-dirty solution to this is to create a small script that runs 
mysqldump and then immediately after does a show master status on the 

If your problem is that you have too short windows to use mysqldump, I 
would recommend that you have a look at LVM. I've been through three 
stages of mysql backup:
 1) mysqldump - this is very slow in any case, and especially if you 
cannot afford locked tables
 2) locked tables and a file copy "underneath" mysql - this is ok for a 
while, but also ends up being too slow for high traffic sites
 3) the current solution - LVM snapshots. this solution gives me 100% 
consistent data tables, 1 sec of lock time (since I need to check what 
the slaves are up to), and then "all the time in the world" to do my 
backups and release the snapshot.

Give me a shout off-list if you need further hints.

Best regards

FMGreen wrote:
> "make a dump of master database"
> Hi there,
> I gave your solution a go this morning.  However, the 'dump of master
> database' after locking it was either hanging or taking forever when usually
> dumps take only a minute.  Unfortunately I have very little time when I can
> block access to the system to work on it so I had to kill the process and
> give up until my next admin window.  Can you tell me if it is usual for a
> locked database to take longer to dump or would you suspect that something
> was not right.
> Thanks!
> martín arrieta wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If you have all config (in my.cnf files) done. You can do:
>> In master db run:
>> +---------------+----------+--------------+------------------+
>> | File          | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB |
>> +---------------+----------+--------------+------------------+
>> | mysql-bin.003 | 73       | test         | manual,mysql     |
>> +---------------+----------+--------------+------------------+
>> make a dump of master database
>> mysql> UNLOCK TABLES;
>> Then you have to restore the slave db from the master db dump
>> In slave db run:
>>     ->     MASTER_HOST='master_host_name',
>>     ->     MASTER_USER='replication_user_name',
>>     ->     MASTER_PASSWORD='replication_password',
>>     ->     MASTER_LOG_FILE='mysql-bin.003',
>>     ->     MASTER_LOG_POS=73;
>> (replace this values with the result of "show master status command" )
>> mysql>START SLAVE;
>> done
>> Anyway I recommend you to check
>> it is a
>> really
>> good guide.
>> Bye.
>> On 21/11/2007, FMGreen <> wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I have inherited two Redhat replicated servers running a helpdesk app
>>> (the
>>> person who set them up has left the company) and replication has
>> broken.  I
>>> know next to nothing about mysql/replication so am in need of help.  The
>>> problem seemed to originate with a crash which caused a duplicate entry
>> into
>>> the db.  Anyway, I have restored the db on each server (using the same
>>> mysqldump) so they should be identical.  The restore is from Nov
>> 14th.  What
>>> is confusing me is that when I do 'show slave status' it gives an error
>>> in
>>> the database with a 'ticket create date' (as I said, it's a helpdesk
>> system)
>>> of Nov 16th - 2 days later than my restore.  It's as if replication is
>>> picking up a cached version of the original database rather than using
>>> the
>>> restored version.  I'm a newbie so if anyone could shed some light on
>>> what
>>> is happening it would be much appreciated.  Many thanks!
>>> --
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