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From:Warren Young Date:July 27 2018 6:25am
Subject:RELEASE: v3.2.4
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This release is mainly an update to track external world changes: new OSes, new C++
compilers, new versions of MySQL, etc.  


*   Added the `MYSQLPP_UTF8_CS` and `MYSQLPP_UTF8_COL` macros to allow a
    given bit of code use either the legacy "utf8" character set or the
    new full-Unicode "utf8mb4" version depending on whether MySQL++ is
    built against MySQL 5.5 or newer, the version where `utf8mb4` was
    added.  Using this in the `resetdb` example to demo the feature.

*   Updated the [Unicode chapter of the user manual][umuc] to cover this
    and other changes in the Unicode world over the past several years.

*   Recent versions of MySQL and MariaDB have removed some obsolete
    features, causing MySQL++ build errors in places where the library
    wraps one of these features:

    *   MySQL 8.0 removed the embedded database feature, which caused
        build errors in four `Option::set()` overrides.  For MySQL 8.0
        and newer, these methods are now no-ops.

    *   Removal of the `CLIENT_LONG_PASSWORD` define in MariaDB 10.2
        caused a build error which we now fix with a conditional test
        for this before trying to use it.  Thanks for this fix go to
        Augusto Caringi of Red Hat.

*   Updated the library to work with newer toolchains, particularly
    Clang on current macOS and the C++17 aware versions of GCC:

    *   Methods with throw specifications still have them for ABI
        compatibility on systems with older compilers, but if we detect
        that the compiler is expecting C++14 or newer, we elide them.

    *   If the compiler is detected as expecting C++11 or newer, we now
        use `std::unique_ptr` everywere we used to use `auto_ptr`.

    *   Removed all `register` variable qualifiers.  It's officially
        obsolete in C++17 and it's been anywhere from unnecessary to
        unhelpful in C++ compilers for quite a long time now.

*   It is now possible to build a release tarball (`make dist`) on
    systems like Debian where `/bin/sh` is not Bash.

*   All prior MySQL++ 3.2.x release tarballs contain a symlink from
    `` to the copy provided by Libtool on the system the
    tarball was made on.  If your system doesn't have Libtool installed
    or it's installed somewhere other than where Red Hat Enterprise
    Linux puts it, that symlink will be broken, preventing those
    tarballs from building until you fix the symlink somehow.  We're now
    dereferencing all symlinks when building the tarball to avoid this
    sort of problem.

There are also several changes to MySQL++ due purely to converting the
MySQL++ source code repository from Subversion to Fossil:

*   Updated the hackers' guide to reflect all of the differences this
    repository conversion entails.

*   Converted the old `HACKERS.txt` and this change log file to Markdown
    format.  Fossil will display plain text just fine, but it has a web
    renderer for Markdown, which gives nicer output.


You can get the latest MySQL++ at

(Some of the old “mysql++” based URLs still work, but the repository
changeover necessitated a move to “mysqlpp” to avoid URL expansion problems,
which has broken some old links.  If this causes a problem for anyone, let me know and
I’ll create a suitable URL rewrite rule to fix it.)
RELEASE: v3.2.4Warren Young27 Jul