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From:Warren Young Date:November 23 2017 1:21am
Subject:Re: Faster
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> I was profiling a program of ours that uses mysql++ and found that I could speed
> everything up with a simple change to one function.

I’ve checked in a change inspired by your proposed patch on the tolower-speedup

I’ve checked it in as a branch for two reasons:

1. Your proposed change doesn’t do what the replaced code did, nor I suspect what
you think it does.  I think the version I checked in preserves the spirit of your change
while actually doing the same thing as the replaced code.

2. Since the report is that it speeds up your profiling result but does so by doing
something different from the original, I need you to re-test before I merge this into
trunk.  My involvement with the change at this point is simply in re-running dtest on the
result to make sure it doesn’t change the results.

To check this out you can:

1. Follow the instructions in the current version of
<>, which replaces
HACKERS.txt in the release version you’re probably running from, which was written
back when we were still using a Subversion based repository.

2. Pull the branch as a tarball thus:

3. Grab just the changed file and overwrite your current copy:

Please re-test and get back to me. I will not merge this into the trunk until then, and
then only if the change does in fact still run faster in your testing.
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