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From:Warren Young Date:October 11 2017 8:40pm
Subject:Re: 2.3.2-modern branch compile help
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On Oct 11, 2017, at 10:02 AM, Arthur H <arthurh@stripped> wrote:
> does porting to a different toolchain make sense, or are we married to Bakefile?

I did exactly that for the [libtabula project][1], which you can think of as
“MySQL++ 4.0”, but if you’re not willing to port to MySQL++ 3.x, I
don’t see why you’d be interested in libtabula.

I suppose you could go and grab its build system (CMake based) and graft it onto MySQL++. 
It shouldn’t be too difficult.  The two libraries aren’t wildly different. 
Mainly it would amount to renaming “libtabula” stuff back to
“libmysqlpp” and such.

I haven’t talked about libtabula often here because its purpose was to make MySQL++
into a DBMS independent data access library for C++, which I got well into before getting
mired in the details of divorcing Row and Field from the MySQL type system, at which point
I stopped work on the library.

I suppose I should drop the DBMS independence idea and move forward on the rest of the
ideas, since it is at least useful as a follow-on to MySQL++ 3.x.

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