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From:Arthur H Date:October 11 2017 4:02pm
Subject:Re: 2.3.2-modern branch compile help
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On 10/10/2017 04:01 PM, Warren Young wrote:
> On Oct 10, 2017, at 11:50 AM, Arthur E. Heffern wrote:
>> it's not clear to me if I should be using the Bakefile build toolchain
> Thus, one of your options would be to overlay the contents of the v2.3.2-modern
> branch atop an unpacked v2.3.2 release tarball.

Awesome. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> installing the latest version of Bakefile from its GIT repository
> That’s part of your problem: MySQL++ still requires Bakefile 0.2.x, because
> they broke the XML file format when moving to Bakefile 1.x, and we haven’t bothered
> to rework everything to work with it.  You’re welcome to do the port for us, if you
> like.  Patches are always thoughtfully considered here, if not always accepted.

Bakefile isn't in the Ubuntu repositories, and it's not a toolchain I've 
used in the past as I haven't needed native makefile/project generation, 
but I'm game to take a look and help where I can, if I can do so 

> The other alternative is to try to get Bakefile 0.2.x (x=9 or 10) working on your
> modern Linux, which tends to be difficult because $REASONS.  I just punt: bootstrap on
> CentOS 5 or similar, then scp the files over to the modern box that won’t run
> Bakefile 0.x.

Because $REASONS[], does porting to a different toolchain make sense, or 
are we married to Bakefile? I'm speaking out of my blow hole here, but I 
would even consider learning something new and more ubiquitous if it 
might help or if you've considered an alternative internally.

>> someone could help with the proper process of building the 2.3.2-modern branch on
> 16.04 LTS
> Well, I said I wasn’t going to be making any more releases from the
> v2.3.2-modern branch, and this isn’t *quite* a release, but take it for what it is,
> because I certainly don’t guarantee I’ll do it again:

You are truly a gentleman and scholar, sir. Thank you for your help.

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