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From:Arthur E. Heffern Date:October 10 2017 5:50pm
Subject:2.3.2-modern branch compile help
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Hi all, 

Unfortunately, I'm in a situation where I need 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. 

I noticed the excerpt about this exact situation on the home page for mysqlpp, followed by
reviewing the branch tag and saw the commit for including the cstring header needed for
Ubuntu boxes. 

Reading the README.unix file (and searching the documentation) from d9c6b79b99, it's not
clear to me if I should be using the Bakefile build toolchain or what the steps are to
properly get this built in this environment. The README.unix outlines a simple
./configure; make; make install process, but (I'm guessing due to the backport of the
build subsystems) I'm getting errors with regard to bakefile macros, m4 macros, and a few
other things. I did make a little progress running the autotools binaries manually,
installing the latest version of Bakefile from its GIT repository and attempting to fix
items as I saw them, but I'm still stuck with configure syntax errors and similar. 

Foregoing all the detail with regard to what I've done specifically (if even correct at
all), I was wondering if someone could help with the proper process of building the
2.3.2-modern branch on 16.04 LTS or point me in the right direction. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance! 


2.3.2-modern branch compile helpArthur E. Heffern10 Oct
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