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From:Adam Nielsen Date:October 9 2017 3:34am
Subject:Re: Request for static build config as a diff against 3.2.3
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> > * Download Bakefile and compile  
> If you read the web page, they tell you it’s incompatible with
> Bakefile 0.x.

Unfortunately when I was working on this, was
completely offline for me so I couldn't even download the .tar.gz of
the latest release!  I ended up finding a mirror on an obscure FTP site
but I was a bit surprised there weren't more copies of the .tar.gz
available.  So all I had to go on was the README and I couldn't see
anything in there about which version to use.

I grabbed the 0.2.x release initially but couldn't get it working, and
when I looked at the GitHub issues page there was a comment that said
"why are you using 0.2.x" so I figured I was using the wrong version and
switched to 1.2 instead, but alas that was not correct!

> I haven’t tried 0.2.10 yet, but I’d bet it’s your host machine
> that’s
> the problem here, not the .10 release per se.

Ah right, I wasn't sure which versions of things were needed.  I tried
(via Docker) building on Debian, Amazon Linux and Arch Linux but no
luck. Didn't think to try older versions (obvious in hindsight though!)

> Here you go:

Thank you!  That saves me a huge amount of effort.

I had to make a few changes to get it to compile, so for the benefit of
anyone else:

test_ssqls2 and a few others won't link unless -lmysqlpp_ssqls2parse
is changed to -lssqls2parse.  I did a search and replace in
to work around it (mysqlpp_ssqls2parse -> ssqls2parse).

test_datetime won't link at all citing undefined references to
mysqlpp::DateTime::operator string, so to get it to compile I ended up
just removing all the test_* targets from the "all" rule in

I know this isn't the correct solution, but it gets the job done and
the .a static library produced.

> This is not 3.2.3, it is actually the current tip-of-trunk with the
> *.bkl file changes you requested.  This means it does have one
> unreleased change which I’ll get around to bagging and tagging one of
> these days… :)

No worries at all.  Thanks again for your help!

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