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From:Adam Nielsen Date:October 6 2017 6:22am
Subject:Request for static build config as a diff against 3.2.3
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Hi all,

I have a favour to ask.  Is it possible for someone to send me a diff
against mysql++ 3.2.3 that contains the changes necessary to build a
static version of the library?

I'm looking to migrate some code onto Amazon AWS, and in order to do so
it would be much easier to have a static binary to run there.

Unfortunately mysql++ is the only thing I have been unable to get into
a static library, so I'm wondering whether someone with the dev
environment set up would be able to supply a diff of the necessary
changes to get a static build?

Here is what I have tried so far:

 * Download mysql++ 3.2.3 
 * Use --enable-static (default) for ./configure but no static
   libraries get built
 * Read README-Unix.txt and follow the instructions to modify
 * Download Bakefile and compile
 * Install SWIG and other dependencies
 * Fix Python errors in Bakefile by replacing 'python' with 'python2'
 * Get mysql++ error saying the Bakefile is for an older version
 * Download Bakefile 0.2.10
 * Manually specify path to python2
 * Replace all 'python' references to 'python2'
 * Compile
 * Bakefile complains it can't find the Python module
 * Decide to post to mailing list in the hope that someone will take
   pity on me and just send me the changes Bakefile would make

Any help with that last point would be much appreciated :-)

Many thanks,
Request for static build config as a diff against 3.2.3Adam Nielsen6 Oct
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