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From:Warren Young Date:June 29 2017 1:25am
Subject:Re: New repository for MySql++ source?
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On Jun 28, 2017, at 10:48 AM, D. Scott Miller <scott@stripped> wrote:
> I see that Gna! has ceased operation

It would have been nice to get an email from them so I could pull all the history one last
time.  Sigh…

> Has the code been ported to GitHub or a similar public repository?

I’ve just built a new Fossil repository from the release tarballs and merged all the
old static content in.  Please test it out, and let me know if something doesn’t
work as it should.

This does mean the new repository is missing all the intra-release checkins and all the
checkin comments, but MySQL++ is stable enough that I don’t see us needing that
stuff anyway.  It’s sad to lose it, of course.  Thankfully, the ChangeLog and
CREDITS.txt files preserved the most important information.

On the plus side, jettisoning all that old content means you can clone the new repository
into about the same space as the packed size of the latest release tarball, yet you get
release-level history going back to the project’s founding.  Part of the savings
comes from the fact that the Fossil repo doesn’t include generated files like the
docs.  Most of the remainder of the savings comes from Fossil’s wonderful delta
compression algorithm.

A checkin-by-checkin clone of the old Subversion repository would have been bigger, but I
don’t know that it would be of any significant historic interest, beyond
what’s preserved in the new Fossil repository.

Fossil being a DVCS, this problem basically can’t happen to us any more.  Anyone who
clones the repo now has a complete copy of the repository, minus a few sensitive bits like
the users table.  If I disappear like Gna! did, anyone can put their Fossil repo clone
online and get the project back into business.

> (I see an old mirror and a fork on GitHub, but they aren't synced-last updates were
> something like 3 and 5 years ago.)

Yes, it’s a classic problem with GitHub: anyone can fork anything, but GitHub
doesn’t tell you where the canonical version is.

> I'm happy to put in some (modest) effort to improve the package, but it would be
> helpful to know how/where to submit changed files before I get started.

I’m off to update the HACKERS.txt file with Fossil instructions.  I have another
project I can copy from, so it shouldn’t take too long.  Keep an eye on the timeline
if you’re itching to get going on this.

If you want a Fossil login, submit a good patch or two here on the mailing list and
I’ll give you one.

If there are any old contributors still subscribed and you want commit bits again, reply
via private email and we’ll get that started.
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