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From:Warren Young Date:December 10 2013 8:19pm
Subject:Re: minor error in resetdb
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On 12/10/2013 04:58, Alessandro Bardelli wrote:
> resetdb always outputs: connecting to '1'@'1' with password.

Actually, no, not "always".  It only does that when you run it without 
arguments, which likely means you didn't read README-examples.txt, or 
you are ignoring what it told you.

There was in fact a problem in resetdb, but it was merely a misleading 
diagnostic message, not really a bug per se.  It wasn't actually trying 
to log in with '1'@'1'.  It was trying to log in with a blank user name 
to a DB server on localhost, because you didn't give any arguments.

I believe MySQL tries to use your Windows user name when you try to log 
in with a blank user name, which means you need a corresponding user 
with no password in the MySQL user table which also has DB creation 
rights.  This is almost certainly not correct.  You won't have such a 
user by default, and if you do create such a user, it's a massive 
security hole.

Nevertheless, I have fixed the example so that it will be clearer about 
what it's attempting.  This will appear in MySQL++ 3.2.1, which will be 
coming out shortly.

> i have also noticed that the stock.txt needed for ssql6 is missing.

Also fixed in 3.2.1.

Thanks for the report.
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