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From:Warren Young Date:November 27 2013 7:31pm
Subject:Re: Compiling v3.2.0 with VS 2005
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On Nov 27, 2013, at 5:54 AM, Jake Colman <jcolman@stripped> wrote:

> I defined "MYSQLPP_MAKING_DLL" in the preprocessor section
> of the project properties…

It sounds like you're trying to create your own mysqlpp library project from scratch. 
What's wrong with just importing the shipped one into your solution?  I don't have VC++
2005 in front of me, but I'm sure there's a command like {File,Project} | Add |

> but in common.h it refuses to recognize it as
> having been defined.

How did you determine that, exactly?

I like to drop #error directives into both branches of an ifdef and see which of the two
messages I get in the compiler output.

Observe that there are *three* branches in this case, because there are two macro flags. 
(That means there are actually four combinations, but one of them is nonsense, so the
header doesn't bother checking for it.)

> Have you ever seen this before?

If I had the collection of observations you do, I'd be convinced I was missing something
basic, because the alternative is that my compiler had become nondeterministic.  VC++ 2005
undoubtedly has unpatched bugs, but I wouldn't bet on it without clearer data.
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