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From:Jake Colman Date:November 27 2013 12:54pm
Subject:Re: Compiling v3.2.0 with VS 2005
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Thanks for getting back to me.  I decided to try and use msqlpp as a DLL as
you suggested.  I defined "MYSQLPP_MAKING_DLL" in the preprocessor section
of the project properties but in common.h it refuses to recognize it as
having been defined.  Even more interesting, if I modify your code to check
for other defined values, it only recognizes some but not others.
 Obviously, unless I can build with "MYSQLPP_MAKING_DLL" I can't build it
as a DLL.  I know this is not a mysqlppl issue but I haven't found anything
on google that might explain it.  Have you ever seen this before?


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On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:

> On 11/26/2013 14:30, Jake Colman wrote:
>> One difference is that I am
>> using a static lib, not a DLL.
> This comes from README-Unix.txt, but it applies well to the Visual C++
> case:
> Building a Static Library
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>     As shipped, MySQL++ only builds a shared library.  It's possible to
>     change things so you get a static library instead.
>     Before we get to "how," beware that liking statically to MySQL++ has
>     legal consequences that may matter to you, due to the library's
>     license, the GNU LGPL.  Familiarize yourself with the license, and
>     consider getting legal counsel before proceeding.  Also, see the
>     MySQL++ FAQ:  There is more on
>     this topic there.
>     The necessary changes are all in mysql++.bkl:
>         - Change the <dll> tag to <lib>.  (Remember the closing tag!)
>         - Remove the <dllname> tag
>         - Remove the <so_version> tag
>     Then, re-bootstrap the library.  See HACKERS.txt if you need further
>     instruction on doing that.
> The only difference is that instead of re-bootstrapping, you "rebake" the
> build system by running rebake.bat.  See README-Visual-C++.txt,
> particularly the Working with Bakefile section.
> The point is, if you let Bakefile create the project files for you, they
> are more likely to work without fuss than if you try to build them by hand.
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