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From:Warren Young Date:November 27 2013 12:52am
Subject:Re: Compiling v3.2.0 with VS 2005
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On 11/26/2013 14:30, Jake Colman wrote:
> One difference is that I am
> using a static lib, not a DLL.

This comes from README-Unix.txt, but it applies well to the Visual C++ case:

Building a Static Library
     As shipped, MySQL++ only builds a shared library.  It's possible to
     change things so you get a static library instead.

     Before we get to "how," beware that liking statically to MySQL++ has
     legal consequences that may matter to you, due to the library's
     license, the GNU LGPL.  Familiarize yourself with the license, and
     consider getting legal counsel before proceeding.  Also, see the
     MySQL++ FAQ:  There is more on
     this topic there.

     The necessary changes are all in mysql++.bkl:

         - Change the <dll> tag to <lib>.  (Remember the closing tag!)

         - Remove the <dllname> tag

         - Remove the <so_version> tag

     Then, re-bootstrap the library.  See HACKERS.txt if you need further
     instruction on doing that.

The only difference is that instead of re-bootstrapping, you "rebake" 
the build system by running rebake.bat.  See README-Visual-C++.txt, 
particularly the Working with Bakefile section.

The point is, if you let Bakefile create the project files for you, they 
are more likely to work without fuss than if you try to build them by hand.
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